Javier Alexander Muñoz. Design solutions for assorted mediums.

I began my design career in the early 90’s working in the computer services department at Kinkos.  There I did full time layout and design for all types of projects from resumes, brochures and logos to wedding invitations and wine labels.  Over the years I developed my sense of design and balance for elements on a page and mastered Adobe CC programs including Adobe After Effects and Adobe Premier for video and motion graphic work. 

My experience has helped me become a reliable, well rounded designer that stays current in industry and digital trends and can concept, art direct, design and produce projects and campaigns single handedly for various media or work and collaborate well within a team environment.

I’m currently living and raising a family in south Austin and working as a full time designer in an in-house Marketing department for a fortune 500 company.

Javier A. Muñoz